10 Easy ways to Save on Wedding costs in Singapore

When you’re planning a wedding, the costs can soon add up. In fact, the average cost of a wedding in Singapore is between $27,000 and $47,000! If that makes your head – and your bank balance – hurt, read on for ways to save money on your Singaporean wedding.

1. Book your wedding venue early for extra discount

If you book your wedding venue a year or more in advance, you can often get a better rate or an extra discount on your venue. It’s a good idea to shop around to see which venues offer an early booking discount.

2. Try not to get married on a Saturday

You’ll generally find wedding venues for Saturday bookings tend to be more expensive. Also, if possible, rather than having your banquet at a hotel where catering is often more expensive, it is often a much more cost-effective option to choose an alternate venue, like a restaurant.

Depending on seating arrangements, you may want to have your banquet at a favourite restaurant that you and your soon-to-be bride or groom often frequent or had a special event or date there, making it more meaningful.

3. Choose your wedding venue wisely

Be selective when choosing your wedding venue and try to find one that can accommodate both your wedding and reception in the same place. As separate venues generally have booking fees, by combining the wedding and reception in the same place it will save you the added expense of another fee.

Also, when selecting your wedding venue find one that won’t need to be decorated heavily, as this will save you extra costs in the long run.

4. DIY your own wedding flowers

You can buy fresh flowers from Singapore’s markets and a range of other distributors quite cheaply, so you can save yourself a lot of money on wedding costs by preparing your own flower arrangements, centrepieces and bouquet. There are heaps of great YouTube videos on artistic flower arranging for weddings and events, which you can check out for inspiration or tips.

If you are too busy with wedding plans and have a creative friend, ask them if they would be happy to help out by organising the flowers. Most friends would love to have a more important role in your wedding plans.

5. DIY your own photo booth

There are so many YouTube video tutorials available that show you step by step how to setup your own photo booth, it’s an easy DIY project for your wedding. To make the process easier, get one of your close friends to help you set it up, as well as manage the booth during the wedding. This will surely save you close to half the cost of hiring one.

6. Allow your close friends to help out with music and other roles

Your close friends and family appreciate being able to take part in your wedding, as it’s such an important event in your life. If they offer to help, let them.

If one or more of your friends are in a band and offer to play at your wedding, then (so long as you like their style in music) accept the offer gratefully. Alternatively, you may have a friend that is very confident and would make a great MC at your wedding. You could ask them to fill this role or mention you haven’t found an MC yet and you think they’d do a fantastic job. We’re sure they’d jump at the chance to help out!

7. Use free wedding planning apps instead of hiring a planner

Wedding planners can be expensive and are an additional cost on top of everything else you have to pay for on your wedding day. There are some handy free wedding planning apps available that can make organising your wedding a simple and stress-free process such as Wedding Happy. Wedding Happy allows you to create an individually customised wedding plan so that your wedding will be uniquely you. It will also help you to stay on track with your wedding plans, allow you to share your progress with your plus one and even give you further assistance with planning. Wedding Happy and many other free wedding planning apps have heaps of innovative features and take the guesswork out of wedding preparations.

8. Scrutinise those wedding bridal packages

While many wedding bridal packages make weddings more affordable, it’s important to be aware of what you’re paying for upfront when you sign up to these. Often when you invest in wedding bridal packages you can get hit with hidden costs that you may be unaware of. An important tip when you’re researching wedding bridal packages is to find the packages you prefer and make sure to check to see in advance if there are any hidden costs. If so hunt around for a better option.

You may be offered a wedding package upgrade or decide you want an upgrade on the package you’ve chosen. It’s also a good idea with upgrades to see if there are any hidden costs you may be charged. Then you can either follow this up and hopefully have these removed or decide against having the upgrade.

9. Pay your wedding bills using a cash back credit card

If you use a cash back credit card or a travel rewards card, you will receive cash or travel benefits from paying for your wedding bills. Spend the time finding the credit cards that offer the best interest rate and benefits. With some travel rewards cards, you’ll find these have special sign up offers of several thousand points. If you sign up during the offer, you may be lucky enough to cover the cost of flights for your honeymoon.

10. Be selective on your guest list

While it’s easy to get carried away and invite all of your close and extended family, as well as friends, the more people that attend your wedding the higher the expense will be. To save on excessive wedding costs it’s better to just invite close family members and friends; that means you don’t have to invite friends that may have once been close but you haven’t caught up with in over 10 years.

By only including close friends and family members in your Singapore wedding it also makes the day more intimate and special.