Grab Promo Codes in 2017 for GrabCar, GrabShare, & GrabTaxi

Disclaimer: We strive to ensure that all information published here on our compiled summary are accurate and updated. However, readers are encouraged to verify the promotion details and the validity of the promo codes on Grab official website.

Grab Promotions is a taxi or ride-hailing app service that helps over 19 million people travel around South East Asia, whether it be by private car, taxi, or shuttle. In 30 cities across 6 countries, you will find Grab vehicles and pickup stations to help you travel easily and safely. Grab is also integrated with Google Maps, showing you the nearest driver, fare, and estimated pick-up and journey times. It has never been easier and more affordable to travel in South East Asia!

GrabCar and GrabTaxi Promo codes

GrabHitch promo codes

What is GrabHitch? GrabHitch is a carpooling service that gives everyday drivers the chance to ‘tumpang’ fellow riders who are going in the same direction. Whether you are the driver or the passenger, carpooling allows you to recoup some petrol costs or make some new friends along the way – all from Grab’s easy to use app!

JustGrab promo codes

What is JustGrab? JustGrab is a fantastic new service that brings together GrabTaxi and Grabcar vehicles to offer you the closest possible ride at an affordable and fixed fare. With one tap, you can use the Grab app to access Grab’s fleet of private cars and taxis, shortening your waiting time.

GrabShare promo codes

What is GrabShare? GrabShare allows you to save 30% on your fare by pooling with another customer travelling in the same direction. By sharing the ride, you not only reduce your fare, but you also reduce your carbon footprint too! Grab guarantees that there won’t be more than one drop-off stop, so there will be no time-consuming detours.

GrabShuttle promo codes

What is GrabShuttle? The GrabShuttle service allows commuters to guarantee themselves a seat on a fixed route shuttle by booking a seat using the GrabShuttle app. This service runs between Monday and Friday and shuttles can hold either 12, 23, or 40 people. While booking windows vary depending on your route, commuters can book five minutes before the route commences.

Grab and Tinder promotion

– Download Tinder.
– Use the Grab app to book a ride using the Tinder icon between 11am-4pm on 19th May.
– Enter pick up/drop off location.
– If you’re lucky you’ll share a ride with a social media celebrity!

What is Grab and Tinder? Grab has teamed up with the world’s leading social app tinder (Grab and Tinder) to give riders the opportunity to ride with some of Singapore’s favourite social media celebrities. This is not all, you also have the chance to win an all-expense paid outing with one of Grab’s social media celebrities on May 21st.

Grab Android Pay Promotion

Grab has teamed up with Android Pay to help put an end to the annoyance of fumbling with your wallet when paying a fare. In addition to this great news, you can also get $8 off your first two rides with Android Pay when you use the code ANDROID – valid till May 28th. All you have to do is:

– Download the Grab app from the Google Play Store.
– Download the Android Pay app from the Google Play Store.
– Open the Grab app and select your pick-up and drop-off points.
– Choose Android Pay as your payment method.
– Book your ride and enjoy $8 off!

GrabPay Credit Promotion

For one day between 11am-11pm on May 23rd, you can get an extra 20% credit when you top up your GrabPay credit account (up to 50% max). Here’s how it works:

– You top up $100 in your GrabPay Credits account.
– Grab rewards you with 20% more credits.
– 20% of $100 is $20.
– You will now have $120 in your GrabPay credit account!

Grab Credit Card Promotion

Grab have teamed up with UOB YOLO to bring you a fantastic deal for free weekend travel. When you sign up to UOB YOLO you will get free weekend travel from Grab by using the promo code UOB YOLO. All you need to do is complete a minimum of one dining or entertainment transaction during a weekday with your UOB YOLO card to be eligible for free travel on that weekend. This offer is valid for one redemption per weekend for each customer, offer ends on the 31st December 2017.

When it comes to travelling around Singapore, there is no better way than travelling by Grab. Whether you want a taxi, to carpool, or prefer a shuttle service, there is no method of travel that is more comfortable or affordable than Grab!