Where to buy Epsom Salt in Singapore?

If you’re wanting to buy Epsom Salt in Singapore there are several online retailers that have a wide range of this line of products at very affordable prices. With so many health benefits you can use Epsom salts for all types of applications. Here are some of the leading online retailers below:

Epsom Salt from Guardian Online
Lazada Singapore (Lazada.sg)
iHerb (sg.iherb.com)

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is a pure mineral compound used to treat all types of health ailments. Comprised of magnesium and sulfate, it is believed to have many health benefits and is often used for beauty, gardening and household applications.

Epsom Salt Benefits and Uses

There are a vast range of health, cleaning, gardening and beauty benefits and uses for Epsom Salt.

Relieve Stress

By adding Epsom salts to a bath and dissolving these in warm water, it helps to relax the body and ease elevated stress levels. After being absorbed through the skin through bathing, it also replenishes the bodies magnesium stores.

Pain relief

If you soak the affected area with Epsom salt you can draw out splinters.

Epsom salt dissolved in a warm bath can be used to treat sprains and bruises, as well as provide pain relief.

Reduce inflammation

For sufferers of gout, reduce the pain and inflammation by adding Epsom Salt to a basin and soaking the afflicted areas.

By mixing Epsom salt with olive oil you can massage it onto wet skin as an exfoliator.

Remove foot odour

If you experience foot odour concerns, add Epsom salt to warm water and use it to soak your feet daily. It will also soothe aches in your feet and soften the skin.

Organic cleaning agent

Mix Epsom salt with dishwashing detergent to more effectively clean bathroom tiles.

Nourishment to your plants

Because most plants require nutrients such as sulfur and magnesium to maintain good health, by sprinkling Epsom salt on these regularly you can help nourish your garden.

If you add Epsom salt to water and sprinkle this over your lawn, this will assist with keeping the grass healthy, as magnesium is one of the elements that makes up the chlorophyll molecule.

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