8 Best Home Safe Box Singapore

Home security and peace of mind are essentials for every Singaporean family. If you’re in the market for a top quality home safe box in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve taken the time, so you don’t have to, to review and list our top eight home safe box products in Singapore of varying capacity, brand and budget. Any one of these products is a great buy.

Whether you’re ducking out for ten minutes, leaving your home for extended periods, or simply need that secure spot to store your important documents out of harm’s way, you need to be rest assured your valuables are locked up securely in a quality home safe box.

When choosing where to buy a safe box in Singapore, consider shopping online stores. Not only can you maximise your savings through reduced prices, special offers and coupon or promo codes, you’ll also save valuable time and broaden the range of products and features for comparison while finding the best home safe in Singapore for your needs.

Yale Home Safe YSS/250/DB2 Medium


Choose your own three to eight digit code and re-set as often as necessary. Forgot your code? No problem, you can use your Yale key to open the high-security six lever lock. Featuring a twelve Month Singapore manufacturer warranty and fully motorised locking system, the sixteen millimetre locking bolts and two solid steel bolts are made to last. The simple keypad interface and LCD display are designed for ease of use.

The battery compartment is located inside the door to prevent tampering. Alarm activation occurs after the code is imputed incorrectly four times. Your Yale home safe YSS/250/DB2 can also be permanently mounted using convenient pre-drilled holes and included fixing bolts.

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SentrySafe Home Security Safe X055


Also featuring that important twelve Month Singapore manufacturer warranty, this great product from SentrySafe has a solid steel door and body and two live-locking bolts for added security. The electronic lock can be overridden with the key if required. This system is suitable for firearm storage having met the ‘California department of justice standards for firearm safety.’ Another nice feature is the carpeted interior which helps prevent your valuables from scratching against hard surfaces. The SentrySafe Security Safe X055 can also be bolted down using the hardware provided.

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Morries 14kg Electronic Home Safe MS-45DW

Morries have hit the mark with this durable and attractive home safe.

Fourteen kilogram fire resistant home safe box. Fully electronic keypad with override keys should your code slip your mind. Rest assured with a twelve month Singapore Manufacturer warranty.

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SentrySafe SFW082DTB Fire and Water Proof Combination Safe 22.8 lits


Packed with features, this SentrySafe home safe is perfect for the home or office. Waterproof and Fire-Resistant the large twenty-five millimetre bolts and pry-resistant hinge bar translate to powerful protection and will have your valuables in safe hands. Although it’s not covered under manufacturer’s warranty, it does feature third party verified protection from fire and flood.

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Yale YSS/380/DB2 File Home Safe Black


Yale’s answer to safe document storage. The 370 x 340 x 310 mm interior is suitable for file size documents. Features include an easy to use digital keypad and LCD display, Solid steel construction, tamper preventative battery compartment located inside the door and incorrect entry alarm feature. Inputting the incorrect code four times sounds an internal alarm for three minutes and locks out the code pad for that time. Manual override can be used during alarm. In case of battery failure, the safe can be operated with a manual override function using the two security override keys supplied. If that’s not enough, it’s all backed by a twelve month Singapore manufacturer warranty.

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Yale Safe YSM/400/Eg1 Office Grey


Don’t be fooled by the attractive design, this system is of excellent quality with a laser cut steel door, reinforced steel hinge and armoured steel plates protecting the locking mechanism. The auto-opening door function, activated when the correct code is entered is a nice feature. No need to fumble around in the dark with the blue blacklight display and bright interior light that comes on when you open the door. Concealed fixing points and mounting bolts are included as is a twelve month Singapore manufacturer’s warranty.

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SentrySafe Fire and Water Proof Safe SFW205DPB


This product epitomises serious home safe security.

Made in the USA and covered by a twelve month Singapore manufacturer’s warranty. Protect your valuables with confidence in this fire and water resistant home safe which includes a dual combination lock with key, pry-resistant hinge bar and large live-locking twenty-five millimetre bolts.

This model has undergone extensive testing and is UL Classified one hour fire protection up to 927°C. ETL Verified to withstand a 4.5 metre drop during a fire and stay closed. ETL Verified for one hour fire protection for CDs, DVDs, USB Drives and Memory Cards up to 927°C. ETL Verified water protection up to twenty centimetres for twenty-four hours.

Bolt down hardware is included of course.

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SentrySafe Security Safe T0-331


SentrySafe quality safe box boasting the following specifications: Exterior: 95.8 x 55.1 x 50.2cm. Interior: 92.8 x 52 x 35.9cm. Capacity: 173.2 cubic litres. Shipping weight: 99.8kg this heavy duty home safe delivers ultimate protection with a thicker door plate of six millimetres and seven times larger size and overall weight. Feel confident you’re not vulnerable to theft with features such as solid steel construction, three live-locking bolts and three millimetre wall thickness. Avoid scratching your valuables with the luxurious carpeted interior and configure your storage areas with two multi-position shelves.

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Whatever your budget and individual needs, we’re confident you’ll find the right product and features among these great products. We recommend taking your time to compare products and specifications online to be confident you’ve made the right decision regarding your home safe security. Get more out of your dollars through significant online shopping savings and don’t forget to visit the coupon code section of our website for your relevant promo codes and really maximise your savings. We wish happy and ‘safe’ shopping to you all.

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